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Dreams dreams dreams

I am not afraid of elevators. Truly.

But darned if I don't dream about them ALL. THE. TIME. Every kind of elevators make an appearance. Heck, even Willy Wonka's elevator was in last night's show.

Last night I dreamt that I was at work and we were moved to a different location. The elevator we would use for our every day was violent. It would launch off of the bottom floor, turn over, and dump us out on our heads at our floor. My boss was pregnant still and she didn't want to go on that elevator, but didn't want to use the stairs. I went off to scout for alternatives. I used the second elevator & it decided to go all Willy Wonka on me and take me on a tour of Sea World? I can see everything so vividly from that trip. All of the families playing and having fun on the water slides, the weird large shark/whale like creatures that were swimming in a very large open topped tank that the elevator decided to skim the surface of (!!), and even being up so high I could see everything. All the while I was taking this eternal ride, I was late for a meeting, so I was p.o.ed. And that's all I remember.

Now I am seriously, definitely afraid of sea life, so that may have some meaning.

Other elevator dreams have involved me living in an awesome, but condemned loft apartment, where the elevator was erratic and would go up and down like one of those drop rides at large amusement parks.

Another was at my old job (my first design agency job). The elevator was on a string and would swing around the atrium like it was having fun itself, but you never really knew where it would land, or if you would get to your floor.

The dreams themselves were pretty scary in that these elevators were very unreliable. But I'm really not scared of your average every day elevator like the one I rode in this morning.

My coworker says that I should really think about where I was in my life when these dreams occur(ed). He said that the fact that there are two elevators in this dream may have some significance. One took me on a journey (though I was impatient, and the journey was over very scary territory for me), and the other was violent and harsh. It got me where I needed to go, but not in the best shape.

Things that make you go, "hmm."

Adult ADHD

Any thoughts? What are you guys' opinions?

OK, ok I'll bite... :)

Rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen films you've seen that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall -- they don't have to be the best films of all time.

Definitely not in order of best-worst, or importance!
1. Romeo and Juliet
2. Moulin Rouge
3. Cold Mountain
4. Guys and Dolls
5. Silence of the Lambs
6. It
7. The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
8. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
9. Amelie
10. Princess Bride
11. A Little Princess (The Shirley Temple version)
12. Fight Club
13. Snatch
14. Star Trek
15. The Secret Garden

Writer's Block: Play it again, Sam

If you could only listen to one CD for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?

I have to answer this one too. :) Pretty sure it'd be any of the Decemberists albums. Castaways and Cutouts or The Crane Wife. Their songs are so full of allegory. I love songs that I can continue to peel away the layers and meanings each time I listen.

Sorry I never write on this thing. I'm super busy (though no where near as busy as verisimilitude) & going through an artistic identity crisis at the moment.

Obama visits Aggieland today

We'll be portrayed on national television as a bunch of know nothing hicks because there's a protest going down today. Even if it's a peaceful protest, which it will be, we'll still be painted in a negative light.

President Obama was invited here to speak about the Points of Light Foundation that was created by George H.W. Bush. (A president we're proud to call our own here in Aggieland.) It's a national organization to promote community service. He was invited here to an openly conservative area in the US and accepted. His reasoning for being here transcends party lines.

People are planning to show up in Obama masks and scrubs.

I say the minute he starts stumping for health care reform, so be it, protest all you want. But not until then. Jeez.

Pregnancy Everywhere!

Oh my. Everyone is pregnant. My boss just announced she started her second trimester today, three of my friends from high school, two of my online friends, and my cousin are all preg. I must say, I'm a little green.

Oh My - I'd better start reading

1001 Books to Read before I die...

I've only read a few of them.. I had better get started

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